Tera Priest Leveling Guide

Leveling as a TERA Priest can be a grueling solo grind, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem since almost all groups will be glad to team up with this great healing class.

TERA Priest Solo Leveling

Among the classes in the game, TERA Priests are one of the harder ones to solo level because of their relatively fewer offensive skills. This makes killing enemies relatively slower compared to most classes which have access to powerful solo target skills and mass attacks that dispose of mob packs with ease.

That’s not to say that TERA Priests can’t hold their own in a fight. In fact, their access to self-heals, defensive dispels and buffs protect allow them to engage most enemies – and live to tell about it. While other classes will instantly die from attempting a mob that is more powerful than they currently are, the Priest can escape to safety by spamming heals, barriers and aggro resets.

It is not impossible for TERA Priests to embark on a solo leveling expedition – in fact, a few hardcore players will likely take this challenge head on – but for those who want to reach the endgame faster, group leveling is a more expedient option.

TERA Priest Group Leveling

If leveling up in blazing speeds is your number one priority, then you need to party up. TERA Priests offer immense support value, and you will always find an open spot for you in any group (or at least those who do not have a dedicated healing spec). If not, you can always call out in trade chat or invite in-game friends who will be more than willing to pair up with a life-saving Priest.

In team play, TERA Priests will be asked to stay safely in the backline, keeping himself and his allies alive and free from nasty debuffs. Should deaths occur, your mass resurrection will be most handy. Plus be generous with your stat-raising blessings and out of combat utility skills like Summon: Party which will simply make you indispensable.

As all MMOs keeps updating all the time and TERA is no exception, it is important to keep yourself close with the patch update. The leveling tips that work good in the past might no longer effective in the future. Sometimes patch update comes with EXP change, item change, and even skill change. So, in case you do not want to miss the important update, make sure to have yourself subscribed to the official site newsletter or even a major gaming website like mmorpg.com. The same kind of information change also happen to the Heroes of the Storm. Be sure to check http://www.hotslevelingguide.com regularly in order to get a head up and professional suggestions.

Priests are arguably one of the prerequisite classes needed before tackling harder mob encounters like BAMs, so you will probably need to do some research on how to heal those encounters. Aside from bestowing great XP and loot, BAMs offer an exciting change of pace from the usual critter kills. It won’t hurt to consult other TERA Priest Guides for tips on how to protect the group from wiping when battling these monstrous beasts.

More contents about TERA Priest could be read at KillerGuides.com, from their TERA Priest Leveling

Review of a Leveling Guide

Leveling in TERA Online isn’t too different from traditional MMOs. Meaning, there’s monsters, quests and epic battles all of which provide you with experience points and items. In other words – no matter what you do, at some point you’ll reach the level cap and get a half-way decent set of equipment. However, since random quests and items are unlikely to propel you to the level cap anywhere near fast, some optimization is required. Enter Killer Guides. The last few days the blogosphere has been abuzz about them and their TERA Online Strategy Book.

Given that I’ve been a customer of Killer Guides for over three years, it wasn’t exactly a surprise seeing them release a guide for TERA as well. I’ve picked up some decent leveling references from them in the past for ‘grindfests’ like FFXI and Aion. Their TERA guide is priced at $29.99 USD and is instantly downloadable. Main selling point of the guide is its leveling section which claims to get you to level 60 in a week. Methods were introduced in a step by step format going over how to achieve this feat. Experimenting a little bit and switching back and forth I was at least able to verify that at lower levels this seems to live up to its promise of seriously speeding things up. Given that their past products were solid I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that this actually holds up till the level cap (unfortunately I wasn’t able to test it for any content beyond level 40 yet). Next, I tested out a gold making strategy for my level range. The returns per hour were about 20% higher than what I was doing before. Not exactly earth-shattering, but to be fair, I had a pretty sweet spot scouted out already before I read up on this.

I didn’t really get a chance yet to go over any other parts of the guide, but the main parts seem to be along the lines of what I came to expect. I’m happy to say, right now I’m enjoying TERA more than I enjoy any other competitive MMORPG and in no small part due to the knowledge that I’m actually getting a pretty good kick out of my time invested there (in a way that’s what MMORPGs are… time investments for the next time you log in). If you’re in a similar situation (meaning, you don’t have the luxury anymore of playing 40 hours a week), then I recommend you head over to Killer Guides and pick up a copy of their Tera guide as well. If you’re a serial MMO gamer, then you could also consider getting their All Access Pass. This little baby includes all their future releases at no extra charge, giving you access to goodies such as these.

Tera Mystic Leveling Guide

Solo leveling as a TERA Mystic is a breeze with her tank-like pets, and in groups she can adapt to the team composition and fill out a badly needed role nicely.

TERA Mystic Solo Leveling

As a solo Mystic, you will rely mostly on Thrall of Protection to keep nasty melee attackers pre-occupied while you cast bolts from afar.  Keeping the tanking thrall alive is also easier with your Mystic healing and buff skills. There are some nice builds that designate the Mystic herself as the tank while a Thrall of Life acts as a healer, but these require advanced knowledge and play, and might not be advisable for more dangerous mob encounters.

The TERA Mystic can also handle her own against roving bands of enemies. She has access to a few crowd control spells like the sleep-inducing Sonorous Dreams and the fear-spreading Curse of Confusion. This allows the Mystic to eliminate one target at a time and recover health while the mobs are temporarily incapacitated. But be careful of taking on more enemies that you can reasonably defeat on your own; the Mystic does not have a lot of access to powerful mass attacks to finish multiple foes at once. If possible, stick to single targets or a few easily controlled foes.

TERA Mystic Group Leveling

In group leveling, your Mystic will be a surprisingly effective class. Her various pets – one for tanking, one for ranged attacks, one for healing and one for area attacks – allow her to fill in the party gaps.

A Mystic partnering with a Priest, for instance, can summon a Thrall of Protection to serve as a tank while the Mystic provides the damage and the Priest heals. Or you can team up with a Lancer and assume the role of ranged damage dealer and healer.

This means that Mystics will have an easy time finding groups, because she will rarely be redundant. Her access to Resurrection and party summon teleports also makes partying with her more convenient. But there is still a pressure for all Mystics to prove themselves as equal, if not better, performers in a specific role since players will be asking: “Why would I take a Mystic over this highly specialized class?”

Mystics also prepare more than others, customizing their glyphs to enhance their chosen roles. The full TERA Mystic Guides will have a complete list of glyphs and skills, so consult those before heading out for a group leveling run to ensure your Mystic gets the job done.

For more advanced strategies, hints and gaming tips, this Advanced TERA Mystic Manual is recommended.

Tera Lancer Leveling Guide

With its strong defense, TERA Lancers can take on even the strongest mobs solo and help their groups survive those notorious BAMs.

TERA Lancer Solo Leveling

TERA Lancers have an ironclad defense, which comes as a major advantage when going solo. There is little risk for death for a Lancer who knows how to put up his shield to block incoming damage and counterattack using his piercing lance.

Lancers might have some trouble dealing with some mob pack combinations – like a melee group splashed with hard-hitting ranged or magic casters – but against a single mighty foe, it has the best chance among classes to win out through sheer. Remember that your Lancer’s shield blocks frontal attacks so a swarm group can still claw you from the back or hurt you from a distance.

Here is where harpooning skills like Leash become essential. Ideally, the Lancer should keep all enemies in front of him and within melee range of his lance, while using stuns like Shield Bash or mass attacks like Menacing Wave to decimate nearby targets. Lancers might not be the fastest solo levelers, but they are famous for being one of the few classes capable of soloing the strongest mobs in the game with their rock-hard protection, heals and decent damage.

TERA Lancer Group Leveling

TERA Lancers will be a robust addition to teams looking to level fast, especially when this consists of a damage dealer and a healer. As the designated tank specs, Lancers will only need to focus on keeping aggro on the enemies while minimizing damage and throwing in the occasional combo attacks.

Roughly a fourth of the TERA Lancer skills are designed for party play, so you will immediately notice the increased utility of the class when working with others. A well-played Lancer will also allow the group to become more ambitious in their leveling feats to include BAM fights and other similar hardcore content.

Lancers will be doing their teammates a favor by explaining the concept of focus fire, or concentrating ally damage on one target before attacking the next. This speeds up the fight and makes the job of tanking a lot easier on the Lancer, since he won’t have to scramble every other second to regain aggro on mobs. Or if trigger-happy cannons like the Elementalist plan to finish the encounter quickly with their AoE bombs, at least remind them to wait until you’ve established an aggro lead before they start decimating the field.

For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed insight into TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities, please refer to this TERA Lancer Strategies.

Tera Warrior Leveling Guide

Don’t be fooled by the leather armor. TERA Warriors are very resilient melee fighters who use tactical evades to survive solo encounters, and contribute blinding fast damage in party adventuring.

TERA Warrior Solo Leveling

To embark solo as a Warrior requires embracing his unique tanking style. Unlike the Lancer class who uses shields and plates to bear the brunt of damage, your Warrior will bank on his quick reflexes to avoid damage altogether. This is the key to surviving as a solo Warrior. Master his diversionary maneuvers, and you can take on increasingly difficult enemies.

By adapting your playstyle, you can defeat dangerous singles and zerg-like groups as a Warrior. Solo targets often use slow but powerful attacks that can be evaded with the right activation of an Evasive Roll or a Death From Above blow. Meanwhile, packs of enemies will tend to overwhelm your perimeter, so use Torrent of Blows and Cascade of Stuns to punish them all at once. And if you can, try to always position yourself at the back of your target, where some of your skills and attacks will deal significantly more damage.

TERA Warrior Group Leveling

Novice party members might doubt the value of a TERA Warrior in a group, but soon enough they will appreciate your tanking expertise and more than solid damage output. Healers especially will appreciate well-played Warriors who do not require a lot of constant top-ups. This also means that Warriors need to be attentive at all times to the battle situation, since a prolonged AFK could result in some embarrassing deaths.

But compared to the other tanking specs, most will agree that the TERA Warrior speeds up the leveling process because of their superior offense. Warriors can switch to a pure offensive class when there is a minimal need for tanking, which is a boon when farming weaker mob packs.

It’s in the difficult BAM battles where Warriors need to bring their top game. A sloppy performance here may lead to a terrible wipe, so make sure to be prepared before attempting these top-tier challenges. Having an experienced healer on hand should go a long way in boosting your chances, but it will still come down to your perfect use of clutch evades and stun combos. You can only do this with a masterful knowledge of your skills (browsing through a complete TERA Warrior Guide is a start) and hours of combat practice against the enemy AI.

For more interesting information about TERA Warrior, don’t miss out on this TERA Warrior Skill and Ability.

Tera Sorcerer Leveling Guide

As a glass cannon type of class, the TERA Sorcerer should know how to pick his battles when going solo and keep his trigger finger in check when teaming up in a group – either way, his destructive area spells can make certain fights go a lot quicker.

TERA Sorcerer Solo Leveling

Soloing as a Sorcerer requires a bit more discretion compared to other gladiator classes who can dive headlong to a fight. Your Sorcerer needs some level of preparation and positioning at the beginning of each fight, especially against particularly hard-hitting singles and swarm-heavy mob packs. The idea is to hit hard and fast at the start of the battle, then lure incoming foes into traps which opens up yet another opportunity for a fire or ice barrage.

Traps, slows and freezes are the best friends of the lone Sorcerer, helping him keep a safe distance from would-be attackers in what is best known as a ranged kiting method. Sorcerers can get a few tips from veterans of the class (or even adept Archers who use the same technique) to learn the best methods for crowd control. Once you hone your ability to hit-and-bomb enemies, then soloing as Sorcerer will become a viable leveling path.

TERA Sorcerer Group Leveling

While soloing is possible – and even a required ritual for those who want to excel in PvP play later on – the Sorcerer can arguably level up faster when teaming up with other classes. Their true damage potential really comes out when they are left alone at the back line, either shielded by a tank or aided by a healer.

Team-supported Sorcerers can let loose their most devastating Flaming Barrage and Hail Storm to quickly dispatch packs of enemies in what is called as the mob farming method. Basically a tank builds up aggro on several enemies, before the Sorcerer sets off a powerful AoE attack that finishes off the enemies. Should things go out of hand, as when the mobs go after the Sorcerer instead, the class has plenty of mass crowd control skills that help him buy time until the tank regains aggro.

Still, it is still your duty as TERA Sorcerer to gauge when and where to use your nuke spells. Consult a more detailed TERA Guide if you have to. But if there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that indiscriminate spellcasting is a fast way to get your group wiped, and it won’t be so amusing when the group decides your power is too dangerous for its own good. Adhere to focus fire targets and any tanking priority. Remember always that with great Sorcerer power comes great responsibility.

Please note that this is a preliminary guide to TERA Sorcerer. More in-depth content such as gaming strategies, skills tactics and techniques could be found at TERA Sorcerer Skills Strategies.

Tera Slayer Leveling Guide

With their ferocious two-handed sword style, the TERA Slayer can slash through enemies with speed and efficiency that marks them as one of the fastest solo leveling classes, without being a slouch either in team play.

TERA Slayer Solo Leveling

Soloing as a TERA Slayer is a matter of killing your foes before they bring you down to zero health. Aside from some specific glyphs, TERA Slayers have no access to heals or any means to boost their endurance or resistances. To them, offense really is the best form of defense, and Slayers will strive to dole out the maximum amount of damage in the shortest span of time.

TERA Slayers who go adventure alone will need to master their stun skills, and learn how to time them to thwart enemy attacks. Slayers will need to outdamage single-target foes either by perfectly executing knockdowns that lead into devastating strikes, or by activating their buffs to eke out just a little more damage that can often make the difference in a fight.

Against mob groups, the Slayer class has a much easier time because of their massive cleave swings and whirlwind area attacks which whittle down enemies who attempt to gang up on him. Distance strikers also have little chance of setting off their bombs since a Slayer has numerous sprints and leaps that close in the distance in a blink an eye.

TERA Slayer Group Leveling

TERA Slayers who wish to live a less dangerous life can level up with several traveling companions. They are best grouped with healers and buff classes who will keep afloat in battle, and ranged cannons like the Elementalist or Archer who can focus fire on the Slayer’s current target from the back line.

In the presence of melee tanks, the Slayer should be more careful with unleashing their area skills like the destructive Whirlwind since the tank might not have built up enough aggro yet on the mob group. Open the fight with concentrated combos on the current tank target then you can start throwing in the Whirlwinds.

Slayers should also inform the group of their many interrupts that will be crucial in the harder encounters, including BAMs. Consult a more complete TERA Slayer Guide to know which boss skills can be countered with a timely stun or knockdown, then time them perfectly in battle and before long you and your group will be downing hardcore creatures one after another.

For more advanced details and insight knowledge into TERA Slayer game play, check out at Manual to TERA Slayer.

Tera Berserker Leveling Guide

TERA Berserkers can barrel through the leveling process either as a solo killing force, or as the relentless assault cleave in a group leveling team.

TERA Berserker Solo Leveling

The TERA Berserker is a popular soloing class because of his considerable damage and crowd control skills. Berserkers can handle almost any kind of enemy composition, from hard-hitting single mobs to swarming mob packs, which cuts down the search time for soloable kills.

The biggest hindrance to superfast Berserker soloing is the recovery downtime. The class only wears Light Armor and can sustain heavy damage during the course of a fight. It’s not that Berserkers lack skills in avoiding damage – yours can block, dodge and even fear targets – it’s that the class needs to stay within melee range to perform most attacks. This exposes Berserkers to relatively more damage from direct attacks, counterattacks and ranged missiles. Some Berserker skills also drain health for higher damage.

It’s crucial then for Berserkers to use their crowd control cooldowns judiciously, and to engage enemies that are not immune to their stun and slow debuffs. Their ideal solo targets are weak mob groups that stick together and can be downed all at once with their close-range strikes and axe swipes.

TERA Berserker Group Leveling

In a group leveling setting, TERA Berserker pretty much plays the same role as he does in a soloing capacity, adjusting towards a more offensive style if there is a healer in the party. Not having to worry about their health bar gives the Berserker almost absolute freedom to use their health-fueled boosts and pump out the AoE physical damage.

Without a companion healer though, the Berserker is expected to play more defensively, unloading his stuns to make surrounding mobs helpless and well-positioned for devastating Elementalist area damage, for example. Berserkers can also chase down escaping mobs quite effectively.

The presence of your Berserker in any group makes it a lot easier to take on clustered enemies, so don’t be afraid to lead the team to mob pack farming. Leveling this way is generally faster than picking off one target at a time.

Some TERA Berserker Guides offer more specific advice like builds and skill rotations, and you would be wise to check them out. We all know playing a Berserker takes a lot more tactical training than it appears, so any additional help you can get will set you off on a blistering leveling pace.

There you go! A preliminary overview. For more details, check out this guidebook,TERA Berserker skills and abilities, which comes in handy for the more serious TERA gamers

Tera Archer Leveling Guide

Leveling your TERA Archer can be as swift as an arrow if you know how to use this mobile and highly versatile class for fast soloing and grouping.

TERA Archer Solo Leveling

TERA Archers excel at long-range attacks, so if you decide to level up solo, you must learn how to engage the enemy as early as possible in order to pack in multiple shots before even the enemy gets to deliver its first blow.

Archers ideally have the starting advantage, since they can unload their most damaging shot combinations to an approaching enemy. As a rule, charged shots are almost always used in this beginning salvo. Instant shots though can be weaved in to fill the gaps between cooldowns, and when the Archer is on the move.

As a soloing TERA Archer, you should not let the enemy close in on you. You must use your evasive leaps and movement-limiting traps to re-distance yourself from the enemy. Of course, this requires the right positioning and timing, which can be mastered with enough practice. You cannot afford to ignore your Archer utility skills, which will keep you alive long enough defeat the enemy.

Remember that solo Archers must keep survival as their first priority with damage dealing being a close second priority. Also while the Archer class has a few traps to handle group mobs, it is generally safer to engage single target mobs, and preferably slow melee ones that can easily be kited.

TERA Archer Group Leveling

In a group setting though, the TERA Archer fills in the role of a distant bomber, tasked with developing the deadliest rotation possible. Outside of critical boss battles, Archers will mainly be concerned with bringing down the health of the target while the designated tank keeps the enemy distracted and the group healer keeps the Archer and the rest of the party alive.

With a singular mission to dole out the largest damage in the shortest amount of time, Archers should always improve their rotation with every new skill learned. You should look into balancing the charged shots and instant shots to find the most effective skill combos. Proper management of your mana resource is also a must if you want to succeed not only in standard fights, but also in long-fought BAM encounters and raids.

More comprehensive TERA Guides will offer useful rotation suggestions, but feel free to familiarize yourself with all the Archer skills and experiment on your own to see which one jives well with your party set-up.

Keep in mind that this  is a beginner guide to TERA Archer. More advanced details such as leveling strategies, gaming tactics and skills techniques could be seen at TERA Archer Advanced Handbook.

TERA Leveling Guide

Below is the overview of TERA Leveling Guide. More inside contents such as gaming strategies, skills techniques, and gold grinding can be read at Complete TERA Online Handbook.

Tera Online leveling is unique in that the MMO is built on a unique engine. Instead of just targeting a mob and casting spells in a volley, one must actually aim and fire. Conversely, a melee class will dash into a crowd of enemies, using tactical melee moves to stun, bash, and cleave through legions of enemies.

Questing is action-packed. There are thousands of unique animations, and the gameplay feels seamless. Tera Online is the first action MMO. Instead of pressing buttons to cast spells, players are forced into intense combat situations reminiscent of action fighting games like Dynasty Warriors. This makes Tera Online leveling much more engaging and fun than traditional point and shoot MMOs like World of Warcraft.

Tera Online leveling is comprised of two major paths: PvE (Player Versus Environment) or PvP (Player Versus Player). PvE combat will plunge the character into combat with a variety of AI-controlled enemy mobs, who will relentlessly pursue characters through lush lands. PvP leveling focuses on action-packed battles between players. Each player kill will reward a certain amount of experience points, as well as points that can be used later on in the game to gear up your character for military combat. With the action-based combat system, players who want to stand out in PvPs, raids and various battles would find Tera Online guides to PvP and tactics recommendations beneficial and quickly comes in handy.

Tera Online facilitates servers gauged towards either of these types of gameplay. PvP servers have spontaneous player combat enabled, while PvE servers do not have forced player versus player conflict. This makes the game perfect for both competitive players and players used to traditional single-player dungeon crawlers. On PvE servers, you still depend on groups to survive, raiding ancient dungeons for epic-quality armor to be used against higher-level monsters. Encounter some of the hidden terrors of the world of Tera, and unravel the mysteries of the past alongside a group of other adventurers, or plunge yourself into a world of bloodshed and strife between civil-warring peoples on a PvP server, and experience tactical combat between real player characters. Battle tactics would obviously differ for each Tera Online class as well.

Whether or not you want to crush other players in combat or cleave through hordes of hostile monsters, it is easy to be immersed in the action-packed world of Tera. Launching soon, Tera promises to be one of the most innovative MMO titles of all time. It will surely attract a wide range of players with its accessibility and appeal to even the most hardcore gamers. Taking the best elements from action RPGs and traditional MMOs, Tera finds the perfect balance between the two genres to create something truly remarkable.

TERA High Elves Guide

Tera Online High Elves are unlike the high elves in any other fantasy MMO. Instead of serving as arcanists and wizards, they are keepers of ancient traditions. Their empire once spanned a large tract of land, but it has since been shattered by a conflict between the immortal races. With the popularity of elves in general with fantasy type games, finding Tera Guides that covers details specifically for race isn’t every difficult. The same goes for Tera.

The Tera Online High Elves seek peaceable relations with the other races on the planet, but are still mistrusted by both the Humans and the Amani, who believe that the High Elves will jeopardize the future of their race with their imperialistic ventures, bold nature, and superimposing traditionalism.

The Valkyon Federation, a society of allied states, has accepted the Tera Online High Elves into their allegiance. The High Elves won their place on the Federation with the blood of their soldiers, sacrificing countless lives for bloodshed. Even though the High Elves are now official members of the Federation, they are still mistrusted by most of the mortal races, who believe that the High Elves will never fully be integrated and will never wholly adhere to the “New Way”.

Despite this, the High Elves have been generous, opening the gates of their desert fortress to allow refugees from all races to come to their city for safety. The High Elves constructed a vast and powerful army to combat the malicious Argons, erecting fortresses literally overnight after a century-long seclusion following a devastating defeat against the Federation races.

The Tera Amani, who fear that the High Elves will take away their freedom, are especially skeptical of the long-eared race. The Amani were once slaves to a malicious race of giants, so they know the cost of freedom and how easily it can be taken away. For this reason, they do not trust the imperial history of the High Elves, making relations between the Amani and the High Elves particularly sour within the Federation. Humankind has volunteered to act as a liaison between the two nations, but no offers have ever been realized.

Only time will tell whether or not the High Elves will be able to make a lasting peace with the rest of the Federation, or if their imperial ventures will once again fan the flames of war. Whatever their fate may be, the High Elves will at least be remembered for their shining desert jewel of a capital city, for their vast legions of soldiers, and for their unwillingness to give in to the forces of darkness.

For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed content into TERA Online Races, please refer to this Book of TERA Online Strategies.