Tera Warrior Leveling Guide

Don’t be fooled by the leather armor. TERA Warriors are very resilient melee fighters who use tactical evades to survive solo encounters, and contribute blinding fast damage in party adventuring.

TERA Warrior Solo Leveling

To embark solo as a Warrior requires embracing his unique tanking style. Unlike the Lancer class who uses shields and plates to bear the brunt of damage, your Warrior will bank on his quick reflexes to avoid damage altogether. This is the key to surviving as a solo Warrior. Master his diversionary maneuvers, and you can take on increasingly difficult enemies.

By adapting your playstyle, you can defeat dangerous singles and zerg-like groups as a Warrior. Solo targets often use slow but powerful attacks that can be evaded with the right activation of an Evasive Roll or a Death From Above blow. Meanwhile, packs of enemies will tend to overwhelm your perimeter, so use Torrent of Blows and Cascade of Stuns to punish them all at once. And if you can, try to always position yourself at the back of your target, where some of your skills and attacks will deal significantly more damage.

TERA Warrior Group Leveling

Novice party members might doubt the value of a TERA Warrior in a group, but soon enough they will appreciate your tanking expertise and more than solid damage output. Healers especially will appreciate well-played Warriors who do not require a lot of constant top-ups. This also means that Warriors need to be attentive at all times to the battle situation, since a prolonged AFK could result in some embarrassing deaths.

But compared to the other tanking specs, most will agree that the TERA Warrior speeds up the leveling process because of their superior offense. Warriors can switch to a pure offensive class when there is a minimal need for tanking, which is a boon when farming weaker mob packs.

It’s in the difficult BAM battles where Warriors need to bring their top game. A sloppy performance here may lead to a terrible wipe, so make sure to be prepared before attempting these top-tier challenges. Having an experienced healer on hand should go a long way in boosting your chances, but it will still come down to your perfect use of clutch evades and stun combos. You can only do this with a masterful knowledge of your skills (browsing through a complete TERA Warrior Guide is a start) and hours of combat practice against the enemy AI.

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